The erudite letter on genesis of Water Accord 1991 written by Eng. Khurshid Anwer in the Daily Nation of 21.03.12 deserves to be read by the high and mighty of the land but it is feared that the very valid reasons advanced by an experienced engineer of impeccable reputation would fall on deaf ears. It appears all the earthly reasons for post haste building of KBD may not convince the political masters for steering the country in the right direction. What good are the so-called crafty qualities of the President to lord above his compatriot politicians if he can’t understand the simple logic that our agriculture and industry depend upon adequate water and affordable power. All the shrewdness of the President would be of little use for the nation if he can’t convince his partners to see the vital need of KBD to secure a safe economic future of Pakistan. He needs to rise above himself to prove being an effective leader safeguarding the future of Pakistan.


Lahore, March 21.