ISLAMABAD - The government, which due to its irrational policies has emptied dams, is now trying to throw the burden on lesser inflows in dams whereas the reality is that it has used all water resources to generate electricity.

The government in previous few weeks, to gain the political mileage, tried to generate maximum electricity using water resources, which now have depleted and would make the lives of masses miserable in the upcoming summer season.

It has been already reported that the government emptied dams to generate electricity despite providing fuel to Independent Power Producers (IPPs) and now is the time to reap the results.

It is worth mentioning here that the agriculture sector of country is also facing severe problems due to government’s wrong policies and nature is the only ray of hope for farmers. It also must be mentioned here that dams in Pakistan are primarily supposed to serve agriculture sector and electricity is the by product.

Ministry of Water and Power has claimed that due to drastic decrease in water levels in the dams on account of enormously low inflows, hydel generation has decreased to 600 to 700 MW on average.

This shortfall in hydel generation has widened the gap in supply and demand of power. To shorten this gap all the dependable capacity of thermal power plants of both public and private sector has been put in operation by providing full resources to meet the expenses being incurred on the supply of fuel to the power plants.

A press statement has stated that despite best efforts and utilization of available resources, to generate maximum possible quantum of electricity, a gap of about 3500 to 4000 MW still prevails.

 This gap in the supply and demand forces to carry out load management and sometimes, due to constraints of transmission system, unscheduled loadshedding becomes unavoidable.