ISLAMABAD  - Islamabad High Court on Wednesday admitted the petition filed by Zakarya Ahmad Abd Alftah, brother of Osama bin Laden’s Yemeni widow for hearing and adjourned it for today (Thursday).

IHC Chief Justice Iqbal Hameedur Rehman heard the case in brief and observed that the court would take up the case today to examine the maintainability of the petition. Muhammad Aamir Khalil, counsel for the petitioner, argued the case and submitted two references of judgments such as; 2000 YLR 2724 and PLD 1970 SC 399, in support of the petition.

Zakarya Al-Saddah, brother-in-law of the slain Qaeda leader, has intensified his legal battle for the release of his sister Amal Abdul Fattah Al-Saddah and reached the IHC requesting the court to give permission meeting his sister.

The writ petition under article 199 of the constitution pleaded that Amal was still suffering from bullet wound she got last year in May 02 operation in Abbottabad that killed her husband and still suffering due to improper treatment. The petition also sought court’s intervention to order the authorities for her proper treatment.

Talking to reporters in the court premises, lawyer Amir Khalil informed that they had also requested the court to quash the cases as all the allegations levelled against her in the case were ‘baseless’. The writ petition also requested the court to release all family members including her five minors, also under detention along with other family members.