WASHINGTON - The top allied commander in Afghanistan told the US lawmakers on Tuesday that Pakistan continued to be a threat to the war against terrorism.

If the issue of safe havens across the border was not resolved, he said, more and more Afghan security forces would have to be deployed along Pak-Afghan border. “Chances are very good that, if the issue isn’t resolved in our favour one way or the other, we’ll probably have to have a larger presence of the ANSF than we had anticipated which may require us to thin the ANSF in other places in Afghanistan,” the US commander said.

General John Allen, the commander of the US and Nato forces in Afghanistan, told a congressional hearing that the nature of the Taliban in those safe havens differed, varying according to their geographically location.

“I believe that, in the south - the southern Taliban elements out of the Quetta Shura - their momentum has been successfully thwarted. “It is in the east where I spend a great deal of my time focusing on the Haqqani Network and on the Tehreek-i-Taliban Pakistan and other Taliban elements, the Commander Nazir Group in Paktika, the Haqqani Network in North Waziristan,” he added.

Allen maintained that the international troops in Afghanistan knew the difference that they were making every day.

The United States was on track to ensure that Afghanistan would not be used again by any terrorist outfit for an attack on its interests, he said.

James Miller, an Isaf commander, said success in Afghanistan would depend on support from Pakistan. “Like Afghanistan’s other neighbours, Pakistan has legitimate interests that should be understood and must be addressed,” he said but added that but Pakistan also had some responsibilities.