An Indian news agency report referring to a book recently published says that Leon Panetta was working on a project to set up a parallel secret agency in Pakistan to counter operations of the Inter-Services Intelligence (ISI). According to the book written by a Pakistani writer, Panetta sent a proposal to President Obama soon after September 2009 which was approved. It is about the same time when Raymond Davis intelligence network was working in various parts of Pakistan. A large number of Pakistani visas were issued to American CIA agents and contractors who upon arrival here were posted in sensitive areas of FATA and Balochistan. It was surprising that the foreign office as well as the Interior Ministry had no knowledge of these visas and the Pakistani ambassador in Washington used his discretion in obliging his American sponsors. What is further painful is the fact that even now no one knows exact number of such foreigners working against Pakistan’s national interest and are involved in overt and covert operations hiring local people in extracting information and carrying out operations. Although a lot of time has since been wasted, yet, it is essential that a well-thought out campaign is launched to collect complete information about these alien agents so that further damage could be averted. Any further delay would be disastrous.