ISLAMABAD - Under a well-thought-out strategy, the Pakistan People’s Party leaders have brought a sub judice matter of contempt proceedings against Prime Minister Gilani in the Supreme Court of Pakistan in general public to browbeat the apex judiciary.

While on the other hand, the opposition parties were also preparing their strategy not to let the ruling alliance put any sort of pressure on the superior judiciary, sources in Pakistan Muslim League (Nawaz) informed. Sources in the PPP informed that Prime Minister Gilani would not be appearing before the court on Wednesday (today) as a written reply as per the apex court direction was already filed on Monday and now he need not appear before the court in-person. The PPP leaders coming out open in support of the stance taken by the Prime Minister in his written reply that under the constitution he could not write letter to Swiss authorities and questioned that he (PM) could not let the President of Pakistan at a mercy of the Swiss magistrate, just to pressurise the superior judiciary.

A source in the political party, which is party of ruling alliance, on condition of anonymity informed that the PPP leaders have took the matter to general public only to build their public image so that in case of imminent punishment to Prime Minister Gilani in Contempt of Court case they could cash on the situation and mould public opinion in their favour.

Sources further informed that the statements coming in support of Prime Minister by the PPP stalwarts were mainly aimed at giving message to the apex court that they were not in a mood of submission and would retaliate in case the decision would come against the PM.

The legal and constitutional experts saw the public statements of Prime Minister and some of his senior party leaders also falling in the sphere of contempt of court and the apex court could take notice of this violation of the apex court’s sanctity when it would take up the contempt of court case against Prime Minister today (Wednesday).

These experts were of considered view that it would be near to impossible for the apex court to have lax view of the whole case now and it would definitely come down hard on the Prime Minister to establish the writ of the court and to give the impression of new found and independent judiciary free from the clutches of ‘doctrine of necessity.’

Legal and constitutional experts said that the premise taken by the Prime Minister in his reply filed in the court on March 19 was already turned redundant by the apex court order in the NRO Implementation Case wherein the court had directed the Prime Minister Gilani to write letter to Swiss authorities without seeking advice from any quarter.

The Presidential Immunity under Article 248 of the Constitution behind which the Prime Minister Gilani was taking shield in the Contempt of Court proceedings had turned ineffective in the light of the fresh order of the court that ‘write letter to Swiss authorities for reopening of the graft cases against President Zardari without seeking advice from any quarter.’

Sources further said that on the other hand major political parties in opposition, both part of the Parliament and those out of it, have given clear indication to stand with the apex court in this battle for the rule of law and supremacy of the constitution.

 While the very strong and vigilant civil society and vibrant media too are on the side of the apex court making it impossible for the rulers to intimidate the Supreme Court.

The Leader of Opposition in the National Assembly Ch. Nisar Ali Khan said that they would go to any extend for the supremacy of law of the land and had given the message loud and clear that they would not let anyone to intimidate superior judiciary.