Pakistan is surrounded by myriad difficulties. An ailing economy, gas and electricity crisis, weak educational structure, volatile political situation, Kashmir and Balochistan issues, declining social values, lack of law and order, American clout, corruption are some of the problems highlighting a nation in a mess. Multiple parties came up with varying solutions to wriggle the country out of the morass but none of their efforts bore any fruits giving rise to despair and cynicism among the people. Their failure can be attributed to the fact that none of them were able to identify the root cause of the problems facing the country today.

Pakistan was achieved on the slogan of Islam and the system which is today regulating our affairs is anything but that. The two Nation theory which was the nucleus of the Pakistan movement, underlined that the Muslims are a distinct nation with a totally different culture, civilization and view point towards life. And yet ironically today we are under the shade of democracy and capitalism just like India. Something which is beyond comprehension is the fact that how two differing and completely out of phase words have been amalgamated into a single phrase to constitute the title of ‘Islamic Republic’. Islamic indicates that the authority belongs to the Shariah of Allah and Republic signifies the authority of the human mind to legislation. It is as if the title has been designed to facilitate a debate whether Pakistan is an Islamic state or a secular one. So if the people of Pakistan today are living in confusion, may be it is because they are the citizens of the ‘Islamic Republic of Pakistan’.

The ideology and basis of Pakistan is Islam. So it is prudent that the solution should also stem from it. Islam is an idea from which emanates a system which encompasses all the matters related to human beings whether they be of political, economic, social, judicial or educational nature. It was under this system that the Muslims dominated the world for centuries and they had no parallel in various fields of life. Only by defeating the political Islam in 1924 and enforcing its own systems in the Muslim lands that the West was able to extend its domination in the Muslim world.

The West today has no problem with an ‘Islamic Republic’ rather they advocate the idea as long as the constitution of the state remains secular and continues to serve their interest. History has showed us that both democracy and dictatorship have failed to deliver in Pakistan and have only served as tools for western manipulation and influence. A nation can only revive if its ideology and system implemented are consistent and coherent with each other. It is time we do away with the western systems and seek solution of our problems in political Islam. The Muslims of sub-continent went to great lengths to protect and safeguard the institution of Caliphate. The situation demands that we emulate the same call today and get Pakistan out of its present deplorable condition on ideological basis. That is one master solution to all our problems.


Islamabad, March 10.