It was during former military dictator Gen Musharraf’s regime that on the pretext of enlightened moderation Western culture started making inroads in our society. Bollywood movies were allowed public exhibition in cinema houses and Indian culture started encroaching upon Pakistani values. A large number of young boys and girls were greatly influenced and adopted their lifestyle as depicted in Indian movies. And now the most disturbing survey is published in daily Nawa-i-Waqt suggesting that the number of dancing halls and floors in hotels, clubs and restaurants in the Punjab metropolis is increasing. These dancing halls charge Rs 1000 to 2000 as an entry fee, and are dens of illegally hoarded liquor. In the past such activities were restricted to events like New Year, Christmas, birthdays and wedding ceremonies. But if the present trend is not discouraged and authorities fail to take action, this alien culture will ultimately destroy the collective consciousness of our youth. Chief Minister Punjab Main Shahbaz Sharif must take urgent notice of the situation and initiate action against those responsible for breaking laws and wounding values which Pakistani families hold dear. Strict monitoring is required to discourage those who are out to destroy our centuries-old cultural values.