ISLAMABAD - Self-styled facilitators with ability to overcome all hurdles to get a vehicle registered or do some other favour against a hefty fee have established their business around the Excise and Taxation Office in Islamabad. Having the right inside links they provide easy solutions to problems for a daily stream of visitor to the excise and taxation office for a price depending on the nature of the job.

This business became lucrative and convenient for this mafia, as those officials of Islamabad Capital Territory administration keeping check on the functioning in ETO affairs have shifted their offices to ICT Complex in sector G-11/4. Even, this mafia has hired shops in the nearby markets and approach the visitors for doing office related work in case the office has rejected. They also facilitate those who seek the registration of their vehicle in Islamabad without having the permanent address in the capital. They attach some credentials on their behalf and do the routine work with the help of officers sitting inside. In past, the bosses of district administration did their efforts several times to eliminate the role of touts in routine office work at the Excise and Taxation department but these efforts proved futile. On the directions of the deputy commissioner Islamabad, a crackdown was launched in past but these elements are again active and have fixed the rates for transferring of the vehicle and getting them registered in ICT.

Lack of good governance while dealing with the public is also the main problem in smooth functioning. When contacted, a high official in ICT department admitted such complaints and misappropriate affairs in Excise office and committed to take action against them along with Islamabad police against such mafia.