The US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton said the US appears to be on track to sign a strategic partnership agreement with Afghanistan before or during the Nato summit in late May. Clinton made the statement at a news conference in Washington, US, alongside the Afghan Foreign Minister Zalmay Rasool who arrived in the US. The two countries have been trying to negotiate an accord for a long-term American presence in Afghanistan beyond a 2014 deadline when Nato combat forces plan to withdraw, allowing advisers and possibly some special forces to stay on. "We've made good progress the last few weeks," Clinton said, citing the signing of the detentions pact which would transfer security responsibility of Bagram military prison to the Afghan security forces. The military night raids on Afghan homes remains the final sticking point for reaching a deal. "We are looking forward to finalising the so-called night raids agreement. These are complicated issues but we are resolving them. We are clearing the way toward a strategic partnership agreement," she said. "We would very much like to be in a position to sign such an agreement ... either before or at the Chicago summit and I think we are on track to do so," she added.