Any hope that President Obama in his second term in office might emerge as an advocate of the beleaguered Palestinians seems to have been dashed when during a joint press conference with Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu in Tel Aviv on Wednesday, he stated that US-Israel alliance was “eternal”. This policy virtually most US presidents have religiously followed adds up to the negation of the process by which Palestinian state is to be formed. It reflects the tremendous hold the Israeli lobby enjoys over most centres of power on the Capitol Hill.

Such partisan support for Israel in the face of all that it is doing to ensnare up more and more of the occupied Palestinian territories in Gaza and the West Bank runs contrary to the principles of human dignity and freedom which the US stands for. The anger in the Muslim world particularly against the West is the result of this one-sided support. The present government led by President Mehmoud Abbas has been committed to non-violence but even this has not paid off; which is definitely bad for the Middle East. President Obama must avoid going to extremes while trying to win Israel’s favour. After all, he should have regard of his own past statements and commitment in support of the Palestinian cause and extend to the people who have fighting for their legitimate rights.