Government has completely failed to provide education and health facilities. Most of the primary and secondary schools in remote areas have no buildings. Same is the situation with hospitals; there is neither medical staff nor quality medicine, and it is the same in almost all government departments. Recently, two major political parties presented their manifestos for next electoral polls but none of them gave any mechanism for the eradication of corruption and enhancement of tax network, they are still trying to score political points on secondary issues and not focusing on the main concern.

It shows that neither desires nor wants to change the status quo because they are the major beneficiary of this crippled system. It is the same for the rich land owner and an industrialist who will never want heavy taxes to be imposed on him. Now people should stand up against this worthless regime and use their right to vote in favor of sincere and patriot leadership which could bring these corrupt people to be accountable for their actions.


Lahore, March 19.