Every morning, we hear many diverse stories of domestic violence, honor killing, forced and early marriage, acid throwing, and rape. The volume of women violation, discrimination and harassment; particularly in Sindh, is increasing day by day. Somewhere, a sister has to lose her life for the sake of honour, whereas, the next one is forced into marriage by an offending party to the males victim, as consideration of comprising offences; the custom is called ‘vani’.

Beside, these violations working women or housewives also face mental, physical and emotional harassment at large in rural as well as urban parts of the country. These violations are conceived and dealt as normal routine of life without any shame. The majority of women face immense domestic violence and discrimination by their own family members.

Unequal distribution of resources, less education and economic deprivation underestimated the potential of women, and ultimately this dependency has stopped her from asking for her due rights. Women are associated with men’s so-called honour, which controls her rights. If any woman has the courage to ask for her rights, she would be resisted, often beaten, or even killed by her family or relatives. Domestic violence (Prevention and Protection) Bill 2013, has been passed by Sindh Assembly on the day of International Women Day. According to the bill culprits involved in domestic violence against women shall be dealt with a punishment of six months to two years imprisonment? The offence of domestic violence including emotional, psychological and verbal abuse degrading or humiliating conduct shall be punished with imprisonment of minimum six month or ten thousands fine paid or both to the victim.

Much has been written and spoken about women violence in Pakistan, but all these efforts proved useless. In spite of women protection laws, government institutions seem helpless and dysfunctional before feudal power, the only custodian of policymaking institutions and law enforcement agencies. Woman emancipation is related with her education and economic empowerment, and if, the state really wants to empower and emancipate women, it must pass a law of mandatory education for girls with strict punishment. Any parent who does not educate his female child up to secondary level should be punished. Women’s education is the only way to nation’s peace and prosperity.


Shikarpur, Sindh, March 18.