Dear Mr Prime Minister - I have been singularly fortunate as a civil servant in having many opportunities to serve. I had the honour to serve as the first among civil servants in Balochistan Province. My good fortune was further crowned with receiving the same opportunity in the Punjab.

I am humbled by the weight of Allah’s countless favours. My gratitude to Him can never be sufficient.

I shall be failing in a duty if I do not recognize the kindness I have always received from you and the Chief Minister, Punjab.

I greatly value this unfailing trust arid confidence in me. I am fortunate to have earned it and I have tried my best to deserve it.

We are now at a stage where the caretaker government are about to take charge. General elections are due after the completion of constitutional tenures at Governments. Citizens are eager to exercise their right to elect representatives who could lead the country to peace and progress. Civil servants, as permanent functionaries of the State, have huge responsibility of ensuring that the business of the State continues unhindered during the transition and the responsibilities vested in them for the fair conduct of elections are most diligently discharged.

It is necessary for me to consider my own position at this point in time. For a number of reasons, it appears appropriate that I should not serve in the Province now. Any perception of continuity at senior positions in Government would not be in public interest.

 Traditions are inter-generational and we are custodians of baton which is passed on. And in this march of time, civil service is a ligament that binds the past, present and future. It continues with the business of the State, particularly in times of transition, as the affairs of the State must be attended on daily, Indeed continuous basis,

I look to you with the request that my services be withdrawn from Government of the Punjab for a posting in the Federal Government. I am confident that the team of civil servants who would be entrusted with the onerous task of managing the transition will match the expectations of the citizens and perform their duties assiduously and with utmost care.

The highest standard of fairness requires that not only are our actions impartial but also that our conduct beyond reproach.

Key institutions are introspecting and rediscovering their legitimate role in the affairs of the State. The civil service, too, must rededicate itself to the historic course of professional competence, neutrality, adherence to merit and justice, moral and intellectual integrity for service to the citizen.

 This should be our resolve and we should he resolute in its attainment.

The Chief Minister is aware of the request I am making.

With best regards,

Nasir Mahmood Khosa