To all intents and purposes, one is at a loss for words to censure the outgoing central government for neglecting the energy crisis. If someone deems it as a yardstick of PPP’s colossal failure on other areas of governance, they cannot be more right.

The patience of virtually every man, woman and child suffering unprecedented blackouts that during the past few days have extended to literally 20 hours has been tested to the limit; still the masses cling on to the hope that good days of uninterrupted supply are not far away. It is hoped that the caretaker government would attend to the matter in all seriousness and pay off the circular debt. No doubt, the main challenge it has to meet is that of holding free polls but given the severity of the issue, the power shortage cannot be allowed to go on like this. It would further cripple whatever is left of the country’s industry and commerce. While the caretakers ought to pay the circular debt, the incoming government would have to see to it that payments are made regularly from then onwards, besides other projects to generate affordable electricity are commenced. One of the most viable projects that can bridge the supply and demand gap in shortest time possible is Kalabagh Dam. It will be a folly of diabolical consequences should we continue to ignore it.