LAHORE  - Speakers addressing a seminar titled “The Indian Water Aggression and Its Implications” on Friday said that Indian water aggression was a part of the overall aggression against Pakistan since its creation.

Terming it just a tip of the iceberg; they said that the need of the hour was to raise awareness on internal as well as international level as it is the matter of life and death for Pakistan.

They were speaking at the Aiwan-i-Karkunaan-i-Tehreek-i-Pakistan jointly organised by the Nazaria-i-Pakistan Trust and Pakistan Movement Workers Trust.

Those who spoke at the seminar included Dr Rafique Ahmad, Engineer Suleman Najeeb Khan, CoI (r) Abdul Razzak Bugti, Maj-Gen (r) Rahat Latif, Col (r) ZI Farrukh and Hafiz Zahoorul Hassan Daher. The seminar was held in connection with the International Water Day.

Professor Dr Rafique Ahmad observed that Indian water aggression is part of an over-all aggression by India. To ameliorate the existing conditions, we could raise awareness on water issues on the national as well as international level. He further observed that the lndus Water Commission should be re-organised and such experts should be chosen for it who really understand the complications of the issue. Moreover, an equitable distribution of water between the affluent and the downtrodden areas inside the provinces must be ensured.

Engr Suleman Najeeb Khan described the details of his meetings with Rama Sawami who, he said, so jealously guarded the interests of his country. Pakistani officials he said show lack of commitment dealing with water problems, which is a matter of life and death for Pakistan. He urged the Pakistani government to re-organise the Water Commission and re-enforce it with experts from WAPDA.

Col (r) Abdul Razzak observed that, after NATO troops’ departure, India would like Pakistan to give access to the Central Asia. These are five countries which would have to readjust themselves according to the new situation.

CoI (r) ZI Farrukh remarked that India wanted to capture the minds of 56 percent of Pakistani population residing in the Punjab through “Aman ki Asha”.

Maj-Gen (r) Rahat Latif enumerated various instances of the Indian aggression against Pakistan. Hafiz ZahuruI Hasssan Daher remarked that the “International Water Day” is celebrated on the 22nd of March every year. It was celebrated on March 22, 1993 for the first time. India has already taken the possession of the Ravi, Satluj and Bias and is now utilizing the water of the Chenab, Jhelum and Indus by building dams and reservoirs. Until we counter Indian water aggression, we run risk of being turned into a desert, he held