A few days back while waiting, with hundreds, to facilitate a VVIP movement, I saw one of the motorcade hit a young boy and then race away to keep up with whoever was so important, that a life was ignored! The young boy who fell had sustained minor injuries but his ego was bruised and he was very upset. He cursed the rich and mighty for whom they were garbage to walk all over.

He was very distraught, as he told me, because he was going for a job interview, an interview he had been waiting for three years and which he would not be able to make to, as his cloths were all muddy and torn. There was some bleeding and he was feeling dizzy. He told me that he had been looking for a job for the last three years with no success. He had a masters degree from Bahauddin Zakariya University which did not help him as he had no reference or links with anyone in power to refer him for a job.

I tried to console him and told him to be grateful that he was alive, but he would not accept this consolation. He said it was a bad country to live in where human life was not valued. He went on to say that the Quaid-e-Azam Muhammad Ali Jinnah had won us freedom from the British Raj but we were chattels of the ‘local English lords’ and needed freedom from them. I kept thinking of thousands of unemployed youth, walking around with degrees in their hand and no hope of getting a job. What is the standard for us to get a good job? We either need a lot of money to bribe to get a job or a strong reference to get one! If these are the criterion then why study? Waste of money and time?

Our youth has lost trust in our country, which is full of hypocrites. It is so easy to see our youth turn to crime and we cannot blame them. Weapons are easy to get and criminals are never apprehended or they get away, so why go through the hassle of a job, the best paid job is being a criminal in Pakistan! When these educated boys from middle class see the Mercedes and BMW’ and innumerable cars of all brands wiz by them on the road, I am sure they want them as well, and they know that they would never be able to get them without resorting to crime.


Multan, March 19.