ISLAMABAD - Though the trust deficit and contributory factors played a role in delaying the finalization of venue for peace talks between the government and TTP committees, the Taliban side on Friday claimed to have decided the 'venue', however, it has not been disclosed to the government negotiators.

"The TTP nominated committee will shortly convey the 'venue' to the government committee to take their consent to start peace talks," TTP named committee coordinator Yusuf Shah shared this with The Nation on Friday.

The efforts for direct talks between the government and Taliban over the venue issue hit the snags for over one week, as TTP reportedly wants the meeting to take place in South Waziristan while the government sides wishes it to be held in the settled areas.

When contacted, former diplomat and member of the government committee, Rustam Shah Mohmand, said that they had not expressed strong reservations on the venue selected by TTP committee but suggested their opinion for maiden direct contact.

"TTP committee members should have decided some suitable place. It should not be delayed more as many important matters are yet to be deliberated," he said.

If any rendezvous has been decided then it should be shared without any delay to move ahead, he maintained.

Meanwhile, sources said that the government committee has almost decided the response for expected demand from TTP Shura.

The expected demand to extend ceasefire is reportedly related to release of non-combatant Taliban prisoners, withdrawal of army from insurgency-hit areas and compensation to the affectees.

The sources said that the government committee after deciding the 'venue' would thoroughly discuss these demands to make a unanimous opinion on it.

The government was reportedly not ready for direct talks in Wana, so they had proposed meeting with TTP Shura members on some other place near Bannu area.

The TTP intermediaries had met the Shura in North Waziristan (on March 14) to deliberate on peace talks but still they could not fix the place for direct talks.