Kabul- The funeral of 27-year-old woman was held Sunday in Kabul, burying Farkhunda, a female teacher of Holy Quran who was brutally killed and burnt by a mob on the accusation of burning Islam's sacred book.

Hundreds of people including the MPs, women's rights activists, religious scholars and journalists attended her funeral. But the funeral participants didn't allow Dr. Ayaz Niazi, a renowned religious scholar at Wazir Akbar Khan Mosque, to take part in the burial ceremony as he had justified Farkhunda's killing and supported the act by angry civilians.

Farkhunda was brutally beaten to death, burnt and thrown into muddy Kabul River by a mob on Thursday in Kabul, in the presence of a number of policemen after a Mullah accused her of burning Quran, which led the people to attack her with stones and sticks.

Strongly condemning her death, a female lawmaker Farkhunda Zahra Naderi said in the burial ceremony that "Farkhunda was martyred."

Before leaving for the United States, President Ashraf Ghani assigned a fact-finding team to thoroughly investigate the case. The incident followed huge criticisms from inside and outside the country, after the video footages showing her being beaten harshly went viral on social media.

Farkhunda's family told news that she went to a Mullah to stop him from deceiving people by writing false Tawiz, a folded piece of paper containing the verses of Quran. But the Mullah in order to save his job and life reportedly began shouting and calling on people that the girl burnt the Quran.

The practice of writing Tawiz is common in Afghanistan, as the people wear Tawiz with a belief that it will remove any evil or affliction put on them through black magic, keep them safe and also bring them good luck.

According to the interior ministry, nine people have been arrested so far including those who posted their photos on the social media, admitting to have been involved in killing and setting Farkhunda on fire.