BAHAWALPUR -Deaths of animals and birds have become order of the day in the Bahawalpur Zoo because of the negligence of the personnel concerned and lack of proper medical faciltiy.

A few days ago, a black buck and four costly pheasants died because they were not provided with proper medical treatment while a deer’s babies have also died in the zoo. Various complaints of providing substandard meat to the wild animals have been received. The situation has repeatedly been brought into the notice of the administration but to no avail.

The park was established by Nawab of Bahawalpur. It is also known as Lion’s Bagh from where lions have been supplied to the zoos and safari parks throughout the country.

When contacted, the curator of the Bahawalpur Zoo said that reports of deer’s babies’ death are false while Black Buck’s female and pheasants have died.

He said that it was a common issue as birds and animals die while steps were being taken for the improvement of Bahawalpur Zoo. On the other hand, citizens Muhammad Asghar and Muhammad Shahid demanded action action against the negligent officials.