Islamabad- Jamaatu Dawa (JuD) chief Hafiz Saeed has claimed that India was giving training to militants in Afghanistan to carry out terrorist activities in Pakistan.

The JuD chief said that a foreign hand was behind all the terrorist activities in the country and India wanted internal war in Pakistan, to distract it from the core issue of Jammu and Kashmir, said a press release issued today.

Saeed said that Kashmir is the jugular vein of Pakistan, which needed to be liberated from Indian occupation. He also said that Western countries have unleashed a propaganda linking Islam with terrorism, but they will not succeed in their nefarious design to subjugate Muslims. He said that Islam was fast spreading in the West, which has sent ripples through their societies.

Saeed also said that he was not averse to hold talks with India, but negotiations will only succeed if India withdrew its forces from Kashmir. The JuD chief claimed that his organization was not banned but only his adversaries were making such claims.