Rawalpindi - Orders have been issued for launching campaign against the use of blue chemical drums for milk supply to the milk shops and dairies in Rawalpindi city.

Government has issued directives to Consumer Protection Council  (CPC) to launch drive against the butter making factories and milk supplier engaged in supplying milk through blue chemical drums as the complaints are pouring in that the milk being supplied through these drums has become source of spreading fatal diseases like cancer, hepatitis and lever.

CPC sources said the issue has been raised at high level that cancer and stomach and lever related fatal diseases are likely to be erupted due to use of blue chemical drums in carrying and supplying milk to the dairies and milk sellers in Rawalpindi city because these drums are used for supplying fatal chemicals.

 like potassium chloride, caustic soda, sodium sulphide and ferric chloride which are highly lethal for life. Decision has been taken for imposing fine and registration of cases against those found involved in using these drums.

The factories and shops, which will be found using these drums persistently will be sealed.