Veteran politician Makhdoom Javed Hashmi has said that the country cannot run without peace in Karachi and what steps have been taken therein are correct and this process should continue.

He said this while talking to journalists here at the Walima reception of brother of senior journalist Khalid Mehmood Bhatti here Saturday.

“Country cannot run without bringing peace in Karachi. All are in favour of the steps being taken here. All the steps are being taken in Karachi in consultation with MQM. This process should not stop and its scope rather should be broadened. Everyone who is involved in terrorism or whosoever has piled up mountains upon mountains of corruption should be brought to justice,” he remarked.

Hashmi held that legal position of the statement given by Saulat Mirza was not established. However, information obtained from him could provide further help but the legal notions could not be overlooked.

“We think that MQM mission is far better but it does not mean the investigation should stop only because we think it better, he underlined, adding that the law was equal for every citizen of the country.

To a question about Judicial Commission, he said that “I had predicted six months ago that the commission will be constituted and PTI would return to assemblies.” However this issue should have been resolved through dialogue, he added. Hashmi regretted that time of the nation and country was wasted and whatever way was adopted was hazardous.

“Those were rebel forces of civil and army institutions which had embarked upon process of dividing army. Therefore, nation should be grateful to Gen Rahil Sharif that he discouraged these forces,” he claimed, adding that the recourse now adopted to remedy the situation would lead the nation to success.