LAHORE - Punjab Education Foundation (PEF) has de-capped the upper ceiling of 482 private schools partnering under ‘foundation assisted school’ program. The de-capped schools, situated in all 36 districts of Punjab, fall in the categories of A+, A, B+ and B.

However, these schools are allowed to admit the students only from out of school or dropout students under this de-capping.

The rationale of this policy is to open the doors of education to all such needy students who are out of schools due to poverty or lack of necessary resources.

PEF will provide monthly fee as well as textbooks for such students so that they could study free of cost in the partner schools, the spokesman added.

‘Foundation assisted school’ is a leading initiative which is designed to give free education to the needy students through a network of partner schools in all the 36 districts of the province.