Senior leaders of PPP - Naheed Khan and Dr Safdar Abbasi have said that if Bilawal Bhutto wants to stay in politics, he will have to stay away from the politics of hypocrisy.

Talking to the journalists here at Multan Press Club on Saturday, they added that Zardari limited the PPP to just Sindh but it would disappear even from Sindh in future. They maintained that the party was occupied by qabza mafia after Benazir Bhutto. They said that there was no democracy in political parties and any worker pointing out shortcomings was expelled from the party. They pointed out that the country was under $72 billion foreign debt while nation’s $200 billion were stashed in foreign banks which should be brought back for the repayment of debt.

They said that the state’s writ had weakened and politicians had failed to play their role as a result of which army was forced to fight on different fronts. They said that MQM faced the allegations of patronizing criminals and Altaf Hussain should endorse the operation to clear these allegations. They said that Karachi was financial hub of the country as 60 percent of national revenue came from this city but it was in clutches of criminals. They said that the politicians sitting in parliament had completely failed to offer any relief to the masses as price hike, unemployment, lawlessness and loadshedding made the lives of people highly miserable. They said that the farmers could not get appropriate price against their crops.

They warned that increasing religious and sectarian tensions would harm nation and country. They added that terrorism increased in KPK and Balochistan and the nation needed to exhibit unity to foil the vicious designs of terrorists.