HAFIZABAD - Khaksar Tehrik activists took out a rally in the city to express solidarity with the Pakistan armed forces against terrorism.

The rally was taken out from its office situated at Sagar Road. The activists paraded on the Gujranwala Road, Jalalpur Road, Circular Road, Post Office Road And Old Kachehri Road and then gathered at Fawara Chowk where they raised slogans in favour of Pakistan armed forces. They pledged full support to the Pak Army to wipe out terrorism from the country.  Its leader Muhammad Siddiq District said that the nation was fully determined to render any sacrifice for the integrity and solidarity of the country. He and other activists paid glowing tributes to the martyrs of 1940.

THEFTS: The incidents of theft of donkeys in the district have been increased during the past few months as thieves were busy getting the hides of donkeys which are being sold at lucrative prices.

Thieves lifted away six donkeys from Bhoon Kalan village in Friday night. According to villagers, the thieves lifted away the donkeys from different stables and later slaughtered them nearby fields and managed their good escape after removing their hides. However, the thieves left behind the meat of the donkeys.

DEMAND: Divisional President of Kisan Board Amanullah Chattha has expressed concern over the inordinate delay in the construction and expansion of protective embankment near the Qadirabad Barrage.

He said that during the flood in the river Chenab in 2014, huge loss of life and property was caused mainly due to lack of adequate protective embankment. He said that after the last year flood in the river Chenab, the authorities have promised to construct and extend the exiting protective embankment but despite the lapse of seven months, no effort has been made to fulfill the promise.

He demanded immediate construction of the protective embankment so as to ensure protection of lives, crops and properties in floods.