S:     What do you suppose is worse? Anarchy or totalitarianism?

A:     The former. I’d prefer order to chaos any day. At least the latter is measured, controlled and it is based on some sort of a philosophy.

S:     Doesn’t that make it worse? That a bunch of people who have thought stuff through isn’t necessarily always a good thing. The Nazis had a philosophy, so did Stalin. They knew what they were doing. Would you prefer some sense of order even if it were maintained through subjugation and oppression?

A:     I see what you mean. When I imagine myself living in those two scenarios – under a totalitarian regime such as North Korea and somewhere where there is no government, law or order – I for some reason find the latter to be far scarier than the former. The thought that there is someone in control comforts me. To know that no one is, that’s the real nightmare. What about you though?

S:     Anarchy, any day.

A:     How come?

S:     Because it’s honest, it’s real and natural. It’s not sophisticated; it doesn’t have an elaborate plan and grand ambitions. I find mindless violence and chaos much less threatening than systematic annihilation and strict control over life. At least in some way, there is freedom in anarchy. I can imagine myself fighting for survival. Under a totalitarian regime, I’d probably lose the will to live and kill myself.

A:     Interesting. So I guess it all boils down to our needs and what we’re more afraid of. You are scared of an all-seeing monster controlling every aspect of your life. I fear random actions, events and people shaping mine. More than anything, you value freedom whereas I seek security and order even if it comes at a high price.