Twenty years after the fraud, the Auditor General of Pakistan’s office has finally submitted the record of misappropriations in the Ghazi Brotha Power Project case to the Public Accounts Committee as reported by a newspaper. The Ghazi Brotha Power Project was approved in 1994, but was later shelved, because the land needed was not purchased by the authorities. Due to non-availability of site for the project an amount of $18.227 million was paid to the contractors as compensation for delay. Despite no construction ever having taken place, the people in charge of power sector, directly dealing with the Hydel project, had spent spent Rs. 532.40 million unnecessarily on vehicles acquired on rental basis, one wonders what NAB has doing until today. Given this information how can anybody expect that people would come, grease their palms, and invest money in the power sector?

The data coming out of the case shows that there is a consensus between different departments that they had all worked together to loot the exchequer and it seems this collaboration is still strong and working. “Democracy has become hostage of Charter of Democracy similarly Accountability has become hostage of plea bargain.” Then State Bank of Pakistan issued a circular 29 of 2002 which again benefitted the plunderers. The fate of which is yet to be decided by the Apex court of Pakistan. Given the corruption of the ‘democratically elected’ governments then and today no justice can be expected. Now the people know where the money went.


Karachi, March 18.