Growing up playing and watching cricket, there's one thing that needs to be instilled in your head: catches win matches. It is something everyone has heard over and over again. Sometimes people think it's so obvious that they don't even mention it. However, the importance of this statement can never be understated. Coaches in Pakistan at the club level teach you how to come on the front foot and drive the ball. They explain how you need to bend your back to get some extra pace. They never actually tell you the importance of holding a catch. Again, it sounds really obvious. When that player drops a catch in a club match, he is shouted at. But if we for a second remove the obviousness from the statement, was he ever told how important every catch is? Do they know the intensity and importance of a catch while the ball is in the air? It seems like they only understand it when the catch is dropped. Why I am bringing this up is because there have been two matches in the quarterfinals which could have completely turned around if the ball was caught. During Pakistan's match we all know Rahat Ali's drop which was absolutely decisive. In yesterday's match, Martin Guptill's catch was dropped at square leg when he was batting at 4. He went on to make 237*. Had that catch been taken, New Zealand certainly would not have scored 393. Every cricketer needs to understand and memorise this simple sentence. Catches win matches.

–Shaan Tahir