LAHORE - The Supreme Court yesterday dismissed bail petition of two Christians allegedly involved in lynching two Muslim men at Ferozepur Road in Yohanabad incident.

The SC, however, granted bail to another man who was arrested on the charges of inciting people after twin suicide attacks at two Churches in the locality.

Faisal Masih and Asif Masih had filed bail petitions submitting that seven cases were registered against at least 1200 unidentified suspects. Police arrested them merely on suspicion and failed to produce any cogent evidence against them before the trail court. Another suspect Aslam Sahotra through his counsel told the bench that he was arrested on inciting people but he was not there on the occasion.

A prosecutor told the bench that the identification of the suspects was carried out on scientific grounds. He stated forensic science agency also confirmed presence of the suspects on the crime scene. He said prosecution witnesses also identified the suspects. He further said that Sahotra provoked Christians to attack Muslims.

In another case, the SC dismissed bail application of a woman allegedly involved in illegal business of narcotics.

Sumaira Bibi of Bahawalnagr had filed the bail petition and stated that she was suffering from anemia and she needed medical treatment immediately. She pleaded the court to accept her bail so she could get medical treatment from the hospital. However, a two-judge bench headed by Justice Asif Saeed Khosa declined her bail.

Model Town case: Two eye-witnesses yesterday recorded their statement before an Anti-Terrorism Court saying that Superintendent Police Abdur Rahim Sherazi ordered police to open fire outside the residence of Dr. Tahirul Qadri.

Shakeel Ahmad and Ali Hassan, two eye-witnesses, appeared before court and recorded their statement. They said that Superintendent Police Dr. Farrukh Raza asked for firing at peaceful workers of the Pakistan Awami Tehreek in Model Town M Block. After recording their statement, ATC Judge Khwaja Zafar Iqbal adjourned further proceedings for today.

Meanwhile, Minhajul Quran Secretariat’s administration officer Jawad Hamid submitted an application against harassment of PAT workers by police officials. He submitted that police officials were visiting the secretariat in plain clothes and were harassing the workers. He said some suspects were also chasing them when they visited courts or went back to their homes. He requested the court to stop the police from harassing them.

In another case, a judicial magistrate yesterday ordered to confiscate property of Mustafa Kanju in illegal weapon case. Mustafa Kanju, after his acquittal from the murder case of Zain, fled away from the country. The court had already declared him pro-claimed offender for repeatedly ignoring courts’ orders. Cant police had booked him for allegedly having illegal weapon in his custody.

Four judges take oath: Four judges of the Lahore High Court yesterday took oath as permanent judges. The number of judges had become 53. Chief Justice Ijazul administered oath to the judges.

The judges who took oath are Justice Faisal Zaman, Justice Shams Mehmood Mirza, Justice Syed Shahbaz Rizvi and Justice Shahid Jameel Khan. Advocate General Punjab Shakil-ur-Rehman and Prosecutor General Punjab Ihtesham Qadir and other law officers and family members of the judges were also present there in the ceremony. Still, 7 courts are lying vacant as the sanctioned strength of the LHC judges is 60.