Durre e Nayab Khan - I believe I speak for all the shopaholics when I say that it is NOT a Compulsive Buying Disorder. Non-shopaholics might not understand us, but really shopping is just like a hobby... relaxing and source of tranquility.

This hobby isn't easy for a college going shopaholic, like me, who is living on parents' money. Despite having parents' credit card in your hands, you just cannot exceed the monthly spending limit set by your parents; otherwise the credit card would be seized at speed.

Even then it is a test to resist the temptations hanging in inviting shops when you are studying away from home in a huge city of Lahore. The malls, restaurants and great shopping zones like MM Alam Road with big brands, glittery shops, full of cute to elegant outfits, jewellery and shoes lure you in. How could one not buy it all?

I often go to a shopping mall just to hang out with friends, and return with a cluster of shopping bags. Khaadi, the Body Shop, Ego etc a girl needs those things. To feel good and confident , you have to show all the signs on top. Plus shopping helps the economy of the country!

Shopping is a stress free activity as well. I shop when I'm happy, but I shop the hell out when I'm stressed or gloomy. It lifts my mood and turn the world into a happy place... don't judge.

Only a shopaholic knows the rush in the veins and flutter of the heart on entering a good shop and finding a cute Kurta or just a trendy ring from Forever21.

I believe shopping is a part of girlhood. One of the happiest feelings in the world is seeing your pocket-money transformed into something cute or fabulous to wear, or to present to a loved one. You could be stocking winter or summer wardrobe or buy an uber-cute Onesie for the newly-born cousin.

Sometimes shopping spree gets out of the control. You come across an elegant outfit or a handbag, but then you see the heart-wrenching price tag! Being a shopaholic you still end up buying that expensive item; hence turn out to be nearly bankrupt for the month. And to overcome the guilt, you keep promising to yourself to cut back on take-away food, hanging out in restaurants, shopping and other expenses for months to come.

Now strong resolutions are made to never shop spontaneously again. Friends are asked to help steer away from the tempting shops. Days go by without faltering, and you give yourself a pat on shoulder for being thrifty.

To encourage this behavior, you decide to reward yourself by buying a present from saving. Maybe a must-have Mac eye-shade that you've wanted for a long time... And here goes the spree again...

I'm sure all the young shopaholics out there can relate to this. Happy shopping!