Islamabad - The federal government hospitals in Islamabad are facing lack of beds for patients.

According to official figures released by Ministry of Capital Administration and Development Division, PIMS which started functioning in 1986-87, has severe shortage of beds in all departments. In 1986-87, PIMS had only two departments and was delivering services with 650 beds.

With the passage of time new departments were added to the hospital. Burns Centre was set-up with 20 beds which is extendable to 50 beds. Children’s Hospital at PIMS was built with 150 beds. The Cardiac Centre was established with 120 beds and Liver Transplant Centre with 20 beds.

In year 1987, against the total bed strength of 650, the daily patient load was 782 and budget of the hospital was Rs 533.990 million. While in 2015, the bed strength had been increased to 1168 with daily patient load of 3250 and budget of Rs 3154.537 million. At present there are about 1200 beds available in PIMS. The PC-1 for the centre of Bone Marrow has been approved and about 40 beds will be added to the present strength of PIMS.

There is also shortage of bed in Federal Government Polyclinic (FGPC). The FGPC has capacity of 545 beds at present and approximately 5000-6000 patients visit hospital daily. These patients are residents of Islamabad and its adjacent areas. Bed occupancy rate is more than 100 percent.

Extension of FGPC is planned since 2013. Now the issue is expedited and land has been allotted to FGPC by CDA and payment of Rs 44.848 million has been made for the 2.54 acre expansion project.

With completion of hospital expansion, the number of beds will increase from 545 to 1100. National Institute of Rehabilitation Medicine (NIRM) is also facing a shortage of beds for its disabled patients.

Being the only set-up of its kind, the institute caters to patients from all over the country as well as referral cases from PIMS and FGPC.

Capital Development Authority (CDA) hospital is delivering services with 280 beds and has plans to increase 100 beds to facilitate more patients. No increase in the number of beds has been made in this hospital since 2013, however the government has made efforts to increase the bed capacity from time to time.

At present, the institute is striving to gain possession of an adjacent plot of land for expansion of its physical infrastructure and bed capacity along with establishment of new departments.

The authority of CDA has planned to increase about 100 beds in Capital Hospital.