ISLAMABAD  -Kashmir Council EU (KC-EU) has organised a camp in connection with its widespread awareness movement on Kashmir dispute titled `One Million Signature Campaign' in Bucharest, the capital of Romania.

A number of the people paid attention and supported the human rights in Indian occupied Kashmir by making their signature on the documents of the campaign, Kashmir Media Service reported.

Various NGOs and social activists from Romania and other Europe supported the two-day camp in Bucharest.

The EU-based campaign had been first launched from Belgium and so far, a large number the people in the different European countries have signed the documents of the awareness drive.

On the occasion, the camp in Bucharest, Chairman Kashmir Council EU Ali Raza Syed said, it is a successful campaign and like other countries a larger number of Romanians showed their interest in singing the papers of the campaign.

He said: "We have already organized successful camps in connection with signature campaign in the different EU countries and a huge number of people signed the documents of the occasions. The camp in Romania was a significant event as the country has importance in Eastern Europe and a member of European.