islamabad - The Minister of State for Federal Education and Professional Training, Baligh-ur-Rehman on Tuesday said that government has put the curriculum review on its top priority to improve the quality of education.

The minister was talking during a book launch ceremony at a local hotel.

The minister said that government has put great emphasis on curriculum review and development and established National Curriculum Council that also provides support to provinces in this endeavour. 

“Though post devolution, education was largely the responsibility of provincial governments yet federal government is very keen to provide all-out support for this national objective,” he said.

The minister said federal government reactivated the forum of Inter-Provincial Education Ministers Conference to discuss mutual issues and work out way forward.

“Nine conferences have been held which were quite fruitful and we have been able to define minimum educational standards in seven broad areas in collaboration with provinces,” he said.

He also said that schools in city have been modernised and quality of education and infrastructure has been improved to a great extent.

 “Overall rate of improvement in education indicators released in the recent statistics is encouraging; however, government in Punjab has performed better than other provinces,” he said.

The minister appreciated role of Organization for Research and Education (ORE) for contributing towards the subject of social and ethical studies.

“In contemporary times where there is abundance of information available on the internet, to help our children sift out useful information, imparting ethical learning, behavioural training and character building in our conventional education apparatus is indispensible,” he said.

The minister said that the book “Samajyat” will be a useful source of reference and guidance for the government in its desire to impart teaching of social and ethical conduct in the new curriculum and thereby emphasize soft aspects of education in teaching.