Corruption is rampant, it has damaged moral values and created a gulf between haves and have nots .The question is how to control and eliminate the cancer of corruption from the country. There is no institution or government organisation that doesn’t have corrupt people misusing in their authority. It is important to establish an independent authority or commission whose members should take responsibility to take care of these exploits. The members’ board should select The Chief Operating Officer, Chief legal Prosecutor, Chief Investigator officer and other supporting staff on merit.

This new accountable authority or commission should conduct across the institutions, including military establishment and judiciary .We have cases where the High Court Judge has resigned bargaining that his corruption and rotten money should be spared. It has not worked that military and judiciary having their own setup to deal with their corrupt personnel. Why should judges, judge corruption cases and why should generals decide the verdict for their colleagues? Only by across the board can corruption be curbed in the land of pure.


Lahore, March 10.