According to the good old parliamentary practices and traditions, which surely and certainly need to be upheld and strengthened, the government of the day and the opposition, are like two wheels of a vehicle. Both these wheels have to move together in a smooth manner otherwise the speed of the vehicle will be adversely effected and it may not be able to keep moving straight on the road .If one wheels gets or becomes defective, in any manner, then the people at large suffer more than the government as the ongoing development works speedy and timely implementation is hampered directly and indirectly and fruits of developmental activities do not reach the people as intended and desired by the government.

Furthermore, in a parliamentary system the opposition leader in the National Assembly is regarded as the Prime Minister-in-waiting. In number of other countries like Britain opposition even has shadow cabinet though the shadow cabinet tradition somehow do not exist in Pakistan.

In a democratic system, which is quite fortunately prevailing in Pakistan for some years, opposition also has the right to criticize the government policies, programmes and developmental activities. Such criticism is good and even welcomed by the government if it is healthy criticism aiming at improving things, here and there with good intentions and objectives. Merely criticism for sake of criticism or for political point scoring is neither liked nor welcomed nor it is productive in any manner. Needless to mention here that negative criticism by the opposition hampers progress and development of the country both directly and indirectly and in all fairness is not appreciated by the people at large besides the government against whom such negative and hostile criticism is done. Democratic right so given to the opposition in a democratic system is for effecting improvement, pointing out shortcomings and faults in the implementation of development works and procedure adopted for execution of development projects for setting things right timely and in the overall larger interest of the country and the nation. Such criticism should obviously be done to improving things and supporting the government and not for trying to pull down the government, sabotaging it and its developmental activities or obstructing its measures being undertaken in different sectors for the welfare of the people.

One is reminded of these democratic and parliamentary traditions, which are indeed commendable and appreciable and strengthen democratic system in the country, as Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif during his visits to different parts of the country and addressing public gathering every now and then has been quite frankly and sincerely asking his political rivals, without naming anyone, to avoid negative tactics and support the government instead in carrying out its development agenda for progress, prosperity and development of the country for the overall welfare and well-being of the people. When he is heard saying this, he quite obviously has it in mind that the opposition, on securing the confidence and trust of the electorate, will also be undertaking some developmental activities so why they resort to unfair, negative and unwarranted criticism of the government if It is undertaking and executing development projects for the good of the people.

The Prime Minister also emphatically points out that PML-N government is different from previous governments, is committed to progress and development and undertaking string of development projects across the country for boosting national economy, generate more and more employment opportunities and reduce poverty. Citing various infrastructure and energy sectors projects launched and under implementation in different parts of the country, the Prime Minister said his government is working hard in determined and committed manner to turn around the national economy. He went on to claim when he had come into power, for the third tenure, in 2013 the economy was on the verge of collapse adding that the situation has since changed in a short span of three years, the world has now has a very positive opinion about Pakistan and is looking forward to see it emerge as a booming economy.

Quite obviously, the government is working hard for timely , speedy and transparent implementation and completion of its launched mega projects in energy, heath, infrastructure and other sectors all over the country and accordingly claiming due credit for its achievements.

Claims being made by the government for all round development and boosting national economy are not only being endorse but also appreciated by number of international institutions, organizations and reputed magazines and journals from time to time. Their reports about performance of Pakistan government will be dilated upon some other time for want of adequate space. In all fairness, they are saying and talking positively about Pakistan and everyone should be happy over it .

As for the opposition is concerned, instead of merely criticizing the government for sake of criticism should come out with positive suggestions and proposals for effecting improvements in the development projects implementation, if at all they find any shortcoming here and there, and in doing so they will also be doing service to the people like the government .

Before going any further, this scribe would like to ask the opposition parties and their leaders how many of them have visited large number of development projects in energy, infrastructure and other sectors being executed all over the country prior to their finding faults and criticising the government merely on the basis of what they read and hear from here and there. As a matter of fact, no opposition leader so to say has visited site of any development project as there has been no report to this effect in the media to the best of knowledge of this scribe.

PML-N is in power at the centre and in Punjab as well as in Balochistan and enjoys majority, to the extent being very brute at the federal level and the country’s big province of Punjab . Pakistan People’s Party (PPP) is in power in Sindh province and Pakistan Tehrik-e-Insaaf (PTI) in Khyber Pukhoonkhwah (KPK). Both PML-N and PPP have previously been in power at the national and provincial levels and PTI has come into power for the first time.

As the general elections are due to be held sometime next year, PPP and PTI leadership should better do some good work in their respective provinces for the welfare and well-being of their people instead of wasting time and energies in negative criticism and tactics. People will be voting for those parties which have done some service to them and provided basic necessities and facilities within available resources. Mere criticism of the present government will not do them any good and may even prove counter-productive. PML-N government a the national and provincial levels will have lot to talk about and show to the electorate. What does the PPP and PTI have to talk about and show to the people? It is for their respective leadership to pause and ponder as time is fast running out for the next general elections.

In conclusion, while strongly pleading for letting the two wheels of the vehicle keep moving onward smoothly for the democratic system to prevail and gain strength, this scribe would also like to appeal to both the government and opposition sides to do positive and good politics, avoid making personal attacks and leg pulling of each other, have patience, do homework and wait for the fast approaching next general election when the people will decide on the basis of performance as to which party/parties should rule the country for next five years beyond 2018. People are surely the best judges, please.