Rao Anwar’s surprising surrender after evading the court and its due process for over a month presents the SC with a pivotal opportunity to bring a momentous case to a resounding close, one that it has used to garner considerable public outrage.

The absconding officer has condemning charges leveled against him of not just being complicit in more than one extrajudicial killing but also in forging fraudulent cases against his alleged victim. Where the evidence stacked against him has significant bearing, the fact that should further be taken into consideration is that Anwar blatantly refuted court summons, resisted arrest and evaded trial; a testament to his culpability. The Supreme Court had to resort to utilizing the resources of intelligence agencies and the FIA along with issuing repeated warnings and calls for capitulation all of which were ignored. The fact that an officer of the law could flout all the regulations and injunctions that he has sworn by, is a focal point that the SC must make an example of. It is such impunity from the law and misuse of power that needs to be castigated through an illustration of this case, and its verdict.

Meek allusions at ‘threat to life’ and personal communication/pleas to the CJP, should also be stacked against him as a bid to derail a fair hearing. Where the contempt of court notice was waived, as a flight risk he should be unequivocally denied bail or relief on humanitarian grounds whereby detainees with powerful allies are able to coast through their sentence in comfortable hospitals rather than prison cells by feigning illnesses.

The onus lies on the SC now to put aside the political mimicry to carry out a fair and thorough trial, cognizant of not only the unequivocal evidence of Rao Anwar’s guilt but also the delinquencies he has undertaken to mock the court in carrying out due justice and most importantly the ethnic and xenophobic intent that underscores the atrocity of this case.