I love Imran Khan as do millions of other people, yound and old, my hope of naya As such, he falls short of moral standards outlined in our Constitution. I wish he should pulicly show his registered nikahnama to stop rumour mills that he married Bushra before period of iddat. Also, he should original CDA-approved plan at press conference that does not consider himself above the law. That he did not build his mansion without sanction. Lest his image of a Clean Man should e further tarnished he should explain away some brain teasers in his biography and autobiography. My leader’s biography, authored by Christopher Sandford, portrays him as a transformed swinger and a vindictive person suffering from persecution complex and a casual gambler. But above all, a paranoid person, who blames the ISI for his failure in the elections. Sanford quotes, “there was a succession of debts, dolly birds and shop girls,” and “once he took a dislike to someone or something, you could not absolutely get him back again.” Critics say such traits of Khan’s personality can still be seen today.  

In fact, in the book Pakistan: A Personal History, penned by Imran Khan himself, he writes about things that question his own stance on the statements he now makes. Few chapters down the book, he says, “it took me a year to clear the debts that the party had incurred during the elections…Consequently candidates abandoned us. Candidates cajoled or lured gave up telling me they could not fight the ISI.” As a fan confused at Imran’s mysterious personality, I would want him to address these concerns. 


Rawalpindi, March 5.