On the day that two culprits involved in the lynching of Mashal Khan were given life sentences by the court, another senseless murder was carried out in an educational institution. Just as Pakistan got ready to prosecute a heinous crime stemming from intolerant attitudes in educational institutions, we have another case on our hands.

This murder took place in Bahawalpur. According to the police, Khalid Hameed, an English professor at the Government Sadiq Egerton College in Bahawalpur, was preparing for the farewell party when one of his students attacked him with a dagger. The student, who has no reported links to a religious party, disagreed with the professor over hosting a mixed gender party.

After the Mashal Khan incident, where a student was lynched by his fellow student body in his university, we clutched our hearts and proclaimed never again would we allow such senseless violence to occur- at least not in our educational institutions where young people should never feel fear for their security. Unlike many false blasphemy cases, where the culprits are never brought to justice, we cracked down upon the murderers in the Mashal Khan case, leading to a series of Anti-Terrorism cases and several convictions. The fact that despite the legal deterrents we take up, violence is still so easily committed in our educational institutions reveals that there is a problem that stretches beyond just legal solutions- there is a societal problem of radicalisation among our youth, and particularly in universities and it needs to be curbed.

More than anger, this incident inspires sorrow. The fact that a young student was radicalised to this point is tragic, as is the senseless loss of life. The government needs to take up the issue of radicalisation in universities and make our educational institutions places of learning and free thinking again.