The Coalition For Women In Journalism terms the persistent online campaign against Gharidah Farooqi as alarming.

Women journalists face an onslaught of abuse when it comes to their work, and much of this stems from online harassment and bullying. Women journalists in Pakistan are frequently targeted by trolls. The fact that Farooqi is being targeted for simply reporting facts and not even expressing an opinion is telling. CFWIJ demands an immediate end to this campaign.

Gharidah Farooqi's latest tweet citing a fact about the New Zealand shooter resulted in an onslaught of abuse online. Her words were taken out of context, and a campaign was initiated against her, with some calling for her murder.

Moreover, Gharidah told that her tweet was taken out of context.

"I have reached out to the FIA (Federal Investigation Agency) and I have alerted the Information minister. I have even reached out to the Prime Minister," Gharidah said. 

"I have demanded security but it has not been provided to me," she added. 

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The Coalition believes that the responsibility lies with not just social media platforms but also local authorities. Further, CFWIJ urges the government to take proactive measures to ensure that no harm comes to Farooqi.

Furthermore, CFWIJ's Founding Director Kiran Nazish said that women journalist will never back down.