The recent actions by our security forces under the National Action Plan, to ban the “militant” outfits, have received huge appreciation from the society and international community as well. There is no doubt that Pakistan has been struggling with a negative posture of “hosting militants” for so long. Such vital steps by the government are extremely important, but generic. The security agencies are yet to define their dos and don’ts to handle such groups. Meanwhile, financial action task force had asked Pakistan to take some tangible actions against the militant outfits within the country to refrain from getting in the black list. Therefore, Pakistan had to take such actions. On the other hand, the “Naya Pakistan” is seemed to be on the right track towards prosperity, but it is yet to inveterate by the government and security establishment whether such actions will be continued against militant groups, or the decision was taken just to get out of the financial action task force black list?


Islamabad, March 8.