PESHAWAR               -            A street in posh Hayatabad

locality of Peshawar

has been quarantined

due to the presence of suspected coronavirus cases, as a professor in the street has been diagnosed

with the pandemic

virus.The infected person is identified as Prof. Iftikhar

Khan, 50, from Law Department of Islamia College University Peshawar,

who lived in a house at Street # 8, Sector K-2, Phase-3. It is a rented house with two portions and owner resides in upper

portion while Iftikhar (the patient) lives with his wife and three children

(two daughters and one son).According to further dePeshawar

street quarantined amid presence of corona suspecttails disclosed by sources, Prof Iftikhar received his brother Ejaz at Islamabad Airport who came from England on March 7. His brother felt body aches and fever, hence they visited

the PIMS Hospital at Islamabad on March 9 or 10 for check-up. There nasal and throat swabs were taken and he was sent to home. He went to Mansehra,

while Prof Iftikhar returned to Peshawar (Hayatabad). On 16th March Ejaz was declared

positive for COVID-

19. Prof Iftikhar went to the CMH Abbottabad

on March 13 where his mother was admitted and then he went to meet his brother Ejaz who was isolated at home in Mansehra. He returned to Peshawar

on March 17, went to home and then came to the Khyber Teaching Hospital to screen himself

for COVID-19 virus, where he was referred to Police Services Hospital.

He was admitted and declared as corona virus positive patient on March 19. Earlier, he had met with several persons in his neighbours in the street where he lives. All available

male members of his neighbourhood and his family were sanitized and oriented about the pandemic corona COVID-

19 virus and also preventive

measures. The whole street was quarantined