ISLAMABAD          -             As the authorities register increase in number of pandemic coronavirus cases in the federal capital like other parts of the country, the District Magistrate has ordered closure of city markets and shopping malls by 10pm.The order shall remain effective for 15 days. The decision has been taken as part of the measures to check spread of the virus.“In view of experts’ advice regarding social distancing measures and to avoid public contact, all markets, shopping malls and restaurants shall be closed by 10pm. However, this notification will not apply to pharmacies, dispensaries, clinics, grocery stores, karyana stores, bakeries, atta chakkies, tandoors, milk shops, auto workshops, petrol pumps, chicken and meat shops, mandis and food outlets,” said the order.The order further said that all beauty parlours and salons in the capital city must be closed for two weeks. Besides this, property offices and housing scheme offices for public dealing will also remain closed.SOP for safe burial: Meanwhile, District Magistrate Islamabad has notified SOP for safe burial of a coronavirus victim. The district administration in consultation with experts of NIH has devised the SOPs for safe burial. It said alcohol-based hand rub solution or clean running water, soap and towels would be ensured.The officials would ensure face protection through goggles and surgical masks, shoes with puncture-resistant soles and disposable overshoes. Burial management team (including family members involved in the Bathing) should put on all PPE in the presence of the family. The dead body should be washed/bathed with water. Bathing should be done as soon as possible after death.After washing, the dead body should be immediately wrapped in a simple white plain cotton or linen cloth to respect the dignity of the deceased. The body should then be transported to the mosque or cemetery. The reusable equipment can be disinfected according to the hospital policy.