Railway crises


Railway have been the most important means of travelling in our country. Trains provide comfortable journey at reasonable prices. It was the only accessible transportation for people who wanted to travel to far-off places. The Pakistan railway was flourishing and with the passage of time, more and more trains were launched, reaching to far away areas across the country.

Moreover, it can be a great institution for aiding the country’s economy. Unfortunately the government completely neglected the railway system due to which it is in a dismal condition today. Trains that had been operating for a year are no more there to take the passengers to their destinations and we no more witness the hustle and bustle that the railway stations had in the past. This has also affected the lives of railway employees and people associated with it for example shopkeepers selling at their railway stations or in train but now most trains are left to ruin. Different accessories such as lights and fans are removed from inside the bogies. If there are any, they are not in working condition.

The government just announced special trains. This is not enough to cater to the needs of people. The system must be put in order and should be made reliable, as it is the only mode of transport for the general masses and the people can’t afford huge fares of buses or air travel.



Impact of cartoons


Cartoons are one of the most popular entertainment for the children. However, there are numbers of TV channels that broadcasts various kinds of cartoons for the children nonstop. In the previous time, children spent most of their time in the outdoor activities rather being spend whole in front of TV sets.

Moreover, now children watch television too much and gets addicted to it. Sometimes parents believe that it gets easier to feed babies watching television. Nevertheless, they have no idea the excessive watching effect their children psychological and physical health. Children that are more exposed to cartoons are generally aggressive and suffering from other devastating problems. Moreover, children easily learn what they watch. Whereas, parents needs to ensure about the content of the cartoon and should know its impact on their children mind. If there is use of profanity or any explicit language and violent scenes in cartoons, parents and government should restrict these kind of content.

Also, the TV channels should also produce educational and quality cartoons, as it will help children to grow with balanced personality. In addition, cartoons should also be produced in Urdu language with the representation of our culture and norms as it will encourages our children to learn the ethos of our society.



200 rupees per mask


I would like to draw the attention of concerned authorities towards the major problem which the residents of Karachi are facing. After the entery of Coronavirus the price of one mask was 5 rupees but while the virus of corona entered in Karachi the businessmen hiked the price of one mask to 200. Is this fun that the businessmen are doing? So for this reason, I humbly request the government of Pakistan for taking steps and distributing free masks to Pakistanis.




Another Sir Syed Ahmed Khan


The human history has produced so many figures who have appeared to change the destinies of t million of people. These persons have taken birth with divine intellectualism, will and witt. Sir Syed Ahmed Khan was one of them who was gifted with intellectualism, realism, pregmatism and rationalism by nature. In his time, the great Britain had divine dominancy of socio-politico and economic level. According to deep sense of Sir Syed that posing a challenge to this power was just like living in fool, s paradise. Some mediocre Muslim figures choiced resistance as a policy against the might of Britain.

But sir Syed strategy was totally different to that. His uttered famous sentence that reflects his whole policy and wisdom. He said, “If you want to defeat a devil join its game.” Sir Syed thought question of right or wrong should not posed but reality that must be kept in might. The might of Britain that is reality and cannot be denied. If not means building castles in air.

Therefore, he opted two pronged strategy:

1.Cooperation with the Britain

2.Focusing on education

Socrate said, “Those who have knowledge have the right to rule.” Therefore, Syed choiced education as tool for progress as well as an option of defeating the great Britain. He founded shool in Muradabad in 1859 and Ghazipur in 1763.He established M. A. O (Muhammaden Anglo Oriental) School in Aligar in 1875. Later it was upgraded to College and Universith level too.

The cooperation and propagation of education, this two pronged strategy of Syed resulted in birth of “two nation theory”that led creation of new islamic state known as Pakistan.

Today, Pakistan appears to be caught in socio-politico - economic problems. Every turn maker claims of change. But result come out as zero. Mr. Khan appeared to be icon hope. But his policies and inflation rate has broken bake of the people of Pakistan. As despondency, cynicism, confusion and fear of failure have been part of our society. His policies has left the people of Pakistan to the least margin of hope.

We desire to look figure like sir Syed Ahmed khan who come as massiah to root out all mal functions that have been destined to our.


Shaheed Benazirabad.