ISLAMABAD               -              The disaster management authority has proposed

to the government of Pakistan to convert residential hotels of major cities into quarantine centres in an attempt to control the coronavirus in the country.   Talking with TheNation on Saturday, Public Relation

Officer (PRO) of National Disaster Management

Authority (NDMA) Saqib Mumtaz said that their department had written a letter to the government

of Pakistan suggesting it to turn the major

hotels of different cities into quarantine centres

as a measure to prevent the spread of the deadly virus among the masses. Hamza Mansoor, a resident of I-8 sector of Islamabad,

while talking to this correspondent, stressed that the hotels should agree and cooperate

with the authorities to accommodate the coronavirus

suspects. Worrying about the spread of the virus, Hamza said that the big hotels are most suitable to be a quarantine facility as they have numerous rooms with total privacy.    Countries like Italy, USA and UK have already taken the step of transforming the big hotels into quarantine centres. Apart from this, tourism and adventures to all parts of the world are halted due to the corona virus epidemic. This factor is already having an adverse effect on the hotel businesses. Therefore, it might be intelligent

to transform big hotels into quarantine centres.However, Pakistan’s hotel industry has rejected a proposal by the National Disaster Management Authority that called for converting three and four-star hotels into quarantine centres.The number of confirmed coronavirus cases in Pakistan rose to 632 after Balochistan, Sindh and Khyber Pakhtunkhwa reported new cases in the province on Saturday. Right now there may be facilities available to manage this small amount of suspects of corona virus. However, if this number grows and the virus

spreads, it could be a challenge for the government