LOSANGELOS          -             As the cases of COVID-19 across Mississippi increase, so are the options for screening and testing. But it doesn’t involve ever stepping foot in a doctor’s office.

The University of Mississippi Medical Center is partnering with several state agencies and C-Spire to make it happen. The model that’s been created is intended to prevent a bottleneck of folks at the mobile testing site on the State Fairgrounds.

“It’s not open to the general public, “explained Dr. Jonathan Wilson, UMMC Chief Administrative Officer. “We will paralyze our process if it were to be open to the general public. We would also, frankly, be wasting precious testing supplies on individuals that may not need it. So, it’s critical that we go through the screening process to identify the high-risk patients that need to be tested.”

That screening won’t be done in person. A public-private partnership with CSpire will allow a telehealth screening or even a phone call for those without a smart phone. “Scheduling COVID-19 test is logistically challenging,” noted C Spire President/CEO Hu Meena.


“This app provides the solution to scheduling test with UMMC.”

If the criteria is met during that screening, you’ll be given a next day appointment to come get a test at this mobile site. Because UMMC made changes internally with things like cancelling non-emergency surgeries, their employees are prepared to man the site.

“We would schedule 128 appointments today,” said Dr. Alan Jones, UMMC chair of the Department of Emergency Medicine. “So the maximum number of testing appointments we would do would be 128. So that’s 9 AM to 5 PM 16 appointments an hour.”