Sindh chief minister has claimed 37% share for Sindh from river waters under the Water Apportionment Accord 1991. The Accord clearly allocates river supplies as under: Punjab 55.94%. Sindh 48.76%, as Punjab has 73% of the total irrigated area. For the balance of the river supplies (including flood supplies and future storages), the share of Sindh was brought at par with Punjab (37% each) by decreasing Punjab's share. This was an incentive given to Sindh to agree to construction of dams on Indus from which it would get an increased share. The unwritten consensus was on building the Kalabagh dam, the only dam ready to be built since 1986. However, the Sindh delegation requested that Kalabagh dam not be mentioned by name. The change of government from PML-N to PPP unfortunately put the Accord on hold. -KHURSHID ANWER, Lahore, via e-mail, May 9.