AFTER indulging in rhetoric for more than a year about resolving the problems of Balochistan, the federal government has finally called an APC to put the issue before the country's political leaders. Weeks before being inducted into power the PPP high command had sought apology from the people of Balochistan for the injustices done over the decades and promised to give priority to removing them. Soon after assuming power at the center, Mr Zardari constituted a committee on Balochistan and withdrew cases against a number of political leaders. This had positive impact. Baloch militant organisations called off their activities. The committee however did not go beyond appointing more committees and holding a couple of seminars. High hopes attached to President Zardari's visit to Quetta faded when after announcing Rs 46 billion economic package for the province he referred to a host of crucial issues agitating the province to the Parliament. This caused frustration among those who had expected that the government would address pressing matters like the recovery of missing persons, estimated by the human rights organizations to run into hundreds and rehabilitation of thousands of displaced persons from Bugti and Marri areas. The brutal killing of three nationalist leaders in March, and the government failure to punish the culprits caused strong reaction leading to widespread riots and a spell of target killings, which continues to persist. The lack of action on some of the crucial issues perturbing the people despite resolutions, peaceful protests, strikes and resignations from the Parliament has led to extreme frustration among many Baloch nationalist leaders. Even PPP stalwarts like Senator Lashkari Raisani who offered to resign from the Senate and CM Aslam Raisani who is showing signs of weariness, have not remained unaffected. So is Governor Magsi who had to be persuaded by President Zardari to take back resignation in August and has warned the federal government that if right moves were not made now, it might be too late. There is a need to make the APC a success. In order to have a meaningful discussion on the problems of Balochistan, it is necessary to ensure the presence of all nationalist parties. Earlier these parties had put preconditions for holding talks with the government. They have to realize that the APC provides them an opportunity to rally the support of the entire nation for their cause. The government has to understand that steps to redress the grievances of the province are overdue. Action on these can no more be delayed.