ISLAMABAD (APP)- Federal Minister for Education Mir Hazar Khan Bijarani on Thursday said the government had finalized a plan to enhance enrolment in higher education sector raising it from the existing 3.7 percent to 10 percent by 2015. He was addressing the 6th degree awarding ceremony of the Hamdard Universitys Islamabad Campus. Appreciating the universitys efforts, the minister spoke highly of the administration and staff and said it was their contributions that made Hamdard University one of the leading universities of the country. Renowned social worker Abdul Sattar Edhi was also present on the occasion and he was awarded with a doctorate in social sciences for great services for humanity. Abdul Sattar Edhi said that the nation must unitedly carry on the efforts to rehabilitate the internally displaced persons at this time of crisis. Edhi Welfare Centres are extending all the possible support for the IDPs. I will not stay idle unless all the displaced persons are settled down in their lives, he said. Earlier, Bijarani said objectives of education and training at this university, no doubt, are much higher. Pointing to the degree holders, federal Minister for education said, I believe that everyone graduating from a university should be a man of his nation, as well as a man of his time. I have a firm belief that youth is the hope of our country and the youth equipped with modern education at Hamdard University will redeem this nation and restore its once pre-eminent and respected position in the community of nations, the minister said. However, he said the performance of higher education leaves much to be desired thus far as only 3.7 percent of the 18 to 73 age group gets higher education. Although, enrolments at both private and public sector universities are growing at about 30% every year, but still we are far behind other regional countries, Bijarani noted. Those, graduating today have an important responsibility toward the public solution of the great problems of our times, he said. The minister said Hamdard University is manifestation of the foresight, missionary zeal and devotion of Hakim Saeed, who believed that he could make a difference. It is a matter of great satisfaction and delight that the university, which Hakim Saeed had established to enliven the intellectual tradition of the educational institutions of the golden era of Muslim civilization, is in its eighteen years of existence, he said. Speaking on the occasion Chancellor Hamdard University Senator S.M. Zafar said Hamdard University is one of the leading universities of the country in the private sector which has produced high quality professionals in eastern medicine, computer science, engineering, medicine, pharmacy, management sciences and law. The graduates of this university are working inside and outside the country in prestigious positions and have distinguished themselves by their professionalism. Islam is a religion which tolerates and encourages difference of opinion, is compassionate and prefers harmony and peace to chaos and bloodshed. It is a religion whose Prophet believed in dialogue that is tableegh and who believed in forgiveness rather than revenge, he added. We hope to revert to these Muslim values and create in Pakistan a society envisaged by Quaid-e-Azam Muhammad Ali Jinnah, he added. Vice Chancellor of Hamdard University Prof Dr. Nasim A. Khan said a diverse range of clubs and societies exist in all the campuses for students activities ranging from debate competitions to sports. All our academic and co-curricular activities ensure that our students gain relevant learning experiences that will put them at the cutting edge, he added. Speaking on the occasion, Director General Hamdard University Islamabad campus Dr. Masud A Malik said number of degrees awarded by Hamdard University to date has exceeded to 16000 including more than 1800 graduates from Islamabad Campus. Another 164 graduates are being awarded degrees today - 111 in business administration, 30 in IT and engineering, 18 in pharmaceutical sciences and 5 in mass communication and media studies. Departments of Engineering and Pharmacy, here at Islamabad campus are offering high standard education while influx of students in Pharmacy and Engineering has reached optimum levels of more than 100 and more than 50 respectively. Total number of students at Islamabad campus has gone up from 447 in 2004-05 to more than 850 in spring 2009. We are making an all out effort to attain, and even to exceed, a target enrollment level of 1000 at this campus within a year, the DG said. He said university management is fully backing us in all the matters that is why we are confidently moving forward. Pharm.D (Doctor of Pharmacy) program is considered among the best in the area and attracts students from a wide area including Northern Areas, and Central and Southern Punjab. Regarding accreditation of our Pharm. D program, a Pharmacy Council of Pakistan team visited our campus last week and we hope to get a favorable response soon, he said.