LAHORE - Pakistan Cricket Board chairman Ijaz Butt has accused the ICC and the BCCI of treating them as beggars and threatened dire consequences if they are not allowed to host 2011 World Cup matches. He also made it clear that he would not attend the 2011 World Cup organising committee meeting on May 27 in Mumbai even if the ICC invites PCB for the parley. However, ICC has scheduled a meeting in Dubai on June 3 to discuss the World Cup 2011 matters in which the PCB has also been invited. An official of the PCB has confirmed to attend that meeting in Dubai. Butt traveled on a mission to drum up support from 2011 World Cup co-hosts India, Sri Lanka and Bangladesh after the International Cricket Council moved the matches away from Pakistan following security concerns.PCB reacted strongly to it, serving ICC with a legal notice while also trying to garner support from the co-hosts. He travelled to Sri Lanka to meet cricket officials there and met ICC vice-president and former BCCI president Sharad Pawar in India. The ICC, in an attempt to diffuse tension has offered to compensate PCB for shifting the matches, however, Butt retorted saying, "The ICC and the BCCI should stop treating PCB like beggars, as money could not resolve all the matters." Butt, who claimed to have Pawar's support, threatened ICC that the 2011 World Cup could be jeopardised if Pakistan's hosting rights were not restored. "The 2011 World Cup could come under heavy cloud if it's host status is not restored," Butt said in an interview to a TV channel.He also said that security situation in India, Sri Lanka and Bangladesh is volatile and the ICC was unfair in stripping them off the hosting rights. "I will not attend this meeting because first we want to know from the ICC if we were still the co-hosts of the World Cup, how was the organising committee meeting held without our participation last time in Mumbai and how it decided without our inputs to relocate matches from Pakistan," Butt said after returning from India. Although Pakistan was disappointed at not being invited to the last organising committee meet, Butt was happy with ICC's admittance that Pakistan remains World Cup co-hosts. The ICC Executive Board last month moved away the World Cup matches from Pakistan for security reasons but the PCB has mounted a legal challenge to this decision.The PCB has also obtained a stay order from a Lahore civil court against the ICC's decision to shift the World Cup central secretariat from the city to Mumbai.